Administrative Tasks – GA

Completing initial GA paper work

  1. After FAMIS staff notify you that the offer letter is ready, make an appointment with your advisor in your department. Your advisor have to sign the offer letter for you before you can start work.
  2. Sign the offer letter yourself.
  3. Bring your offer letter with signatures of both you and your advisor to your supervisor in FAMIS team.
  4. Someone from UITS HR department may contact with you or your supervisor in FAMIS team. You need to go and see the HR personnel to sign your I-9 forms. Please bring your documents that establish identity together with you. The I-9 form and required documentation can be found in the following link:
  5. Discuss your work schedules for the semester with your supervisor in FAMIS team. You will be notified by FAMIS staff or UITS HR personnel when you can start work.