Work Management

I get an error message “Record Locked”

Description: The Record Lock function locks records if they are not closed properly. This prevents another user from simultaneously accessing the record.
Thus, only one user at a time is allowed to edit an AiM record.

Answer: Contact Application Administrator or Operations Center staff to clear and delete these locked records.

How do I handle assigning multiple shops to a work order?

Description: Some Work Orders require work from several shops.

Answer: In order to assign multiple shops to a Work Order, you need to create phases for every respective shop.

When is a Phase marked as assigned with no people identified?

Description: This incident happens when user changes the Phase status to "Assigned"and forgets to assign the job to a shop person.

Answer: Click Edit on the Phase and click Load to select assignee, then click Done and Save.

How do I see a summary of transactions on a work order?

Description: The ViewFinder function provides a summary of all Work Orders transactions.

Answer: Click on the Work Order, click ViewFinder, you will see here all the transactions recorded.

Time and Attendance

How do I check outstanding Timecards before closing out a Phase?

Description:  Timecards are generated and available for  Supervisor approval after technicians record their labor hours and mark the Phase as Work Complete.

Answer: On your Workdesk, there is a channel called Approvals with a link for all available Timecards awaiting approval. Click on this link and either approve or reject outstanding Timecards.