AIMCAD – Enterprise Installation

The following steps are performed one time as part of the initial AIMCAD deployment.

Step Description Notes
1. Extract “”
2. Copy AiMCAD folder to Q:\UPDC\
3. Copy AiM_STORPROD.CFG to Q:\UPDC\AIMCAD\ Provided by AIMCAD contact
4. Edit FMGPATH in AiM_STORPROD.CFG (set to “Q:\\UPDC\\AIMCAD\\”) APLS_LDRTST T; #can set to “T” test mode, leaves a batch file with process details
– Change to “nil” in production
– Use for support (can send the batch file to Alex)
5. Save
6. Create a file named STOR_PROD.udl in Q:\UPDC\AIMCAD\ This will be the database connection file
7. Paste in the ODBC connection string generated by MySQL ODBC Driver
8. Save