Asbestos Management System – Export a Template for a New Building Assessment – User Guide

Export a Template for a New Building Assessment


Navigate to the page, which is just like a report assigned to the users

1. Type the Building Name, or Building Number, or Assessment ID in the text box Assessment ID – Building. Select the needed assessment from the suggested list. The Assessment ID is returned to the text box.

2. Click the Apply Filters button. All the items in the assessment displays with the highest versions.

3. Type the Building Number, or Building Name in the text box, select the needed building from the suggested list. The list returns the Building Number in the text box.

3. Click the New Excel Generation button once, wait for the file to be downloaded. Normally it is stored in the Downloads folder on Windows, with a new Assessment ID as the file name. The exported Excel file contains all a number of columns for revising purposes with the header, and pre-filled with room data from the database. The user should use the provided room/floor/building information and shouldn’t create rooms/floors that do not exist in the data.

Note: This is done when a new building which was not assessed previously needs to be assessed and the exported template Excel file is used to record the items. The Assessment ID is stored in the file properties for tracking purposes. Do not change these. If this export is repeated, the system knows what Assessment ID to give to the file as it was recorded in the system associated with the building.