Current Work – Fixed Price Billing from Estimates: Update Work Order Plus Estimates

Follow the SOPs for updating a Work Order that has just been created image005
If part of the Fixed Price will be accounting for Labor enter the Est Hrs
(this hour amount times the Crew’s rate will be reflected on the Estimates Form
Click the Estimates button.  The labor will already be reflected from the Main Work Order Form. Add values as appropriate for Materials, Invoices, Equipment and Contingency. The form will automatically calculate a Total Estimate.To close this form click the X in the upper right corner. image011
Click the Billing button.  Set the Billing Type to FIXED PRICE.Click the Account button to select the appropriate Accounts in the “UC” Chart of Accounts.
IMPORTANT: Override Segments are not set for Fixed Price Billing so the KFS Account and the appropriate Object Codes must be set with % = 100.  Enter the proper KFS Account and use 6648 as the object code as shown.

Billing WO form fixed price
Billing WO form fixed price
Click the OK button  Proceed with FAMIS Standard Procedures

Fixed Price Billing from Estimates