FAMIS at UCONN – Publisher Training Guide

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The University of Connecticut’s Integrated Workplace Management System is the Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS).  There are several reporting strategies available to UCONN for extracting data from FAMIS.  Publisher is an ad hoc SQL-based reporting tool that comes with FAMIS.  It can be used to display and modify tabular reports, charts and maps of FAMIS data.

Getting Started

Publisher Concepts

Navigation in Publisher

Publisher reports are accessed via a side bar on the left portion of the screen.

Library Identification
Report Identification
Searching for Reports
Report Viewing
Report Filters
Multiple Reports
Report Display Types
Printing and Exporting
Report Types

Developing in Publisher

Adding Folders
Creating a Report
Simple Report Formatting
Creating Filters
Creating a Report Link
Advanced Report Formatting
Creating a Chart
Creating a Map
Creating a Dashboard
Referring to Publisher Elements
Duplicating a Publisher Report