FAMIS – Equipment Loader

Save the properly formatted excel file to the local hard drive
Make sure there is a “logs” folder in the folder where the excel file is saved equipment load
 Start the Equipment loader, by clicking on the FAMISJLoader icon on the desktop:

  • Select the proper environment form the drop down
  • Enter your NetID
  • Enter you Password
  • Click the Sign In button
 When you are successfully signed in the Environment, NetID and Password areas will be inactivated.  Only the Exit button will remain active.  equipmentload3
 Click the Select button on the Equipment Tab  equipmentload4
 Click on the inventory load file and click Open.
 Note: There will be no indicator on the screen that the file is ready to validate or load.  Click the Validate button.  equipmentload4
 While the file is being validated a secondary window will display  equipmentload6
 Be patient.  The validation may take a while.  When it is done a completion message displays.


The secondary window does not close automatically.  Click the Exit button.

 Done Validation Message
 Navigate to the logs directory to review the validation results  validation log
The validation results will be similar to those shown here validation log file