Fiscal Officer – Monthly Billing

Overview Summary – Logging into FAMIS

Click Faculty & Staff Request Our Services/Submit Work Order
Login using your NetID & password
Select your
  • Campus
  • Building
  • Floor
  • Room
Summary of the above selections appear on next screen
Click “Service Requests”
Select “Billing”
Enter the following Fields.
Chart of Accounts – UC
KFS Account – 7 digit Account
Object Code – not required
Billing from Date – not required
Billing to Date – not required
Then click “Search”  You will now see a summary of charges.



Scroll down further on the page and you will see the work order details.
Clicking on the blue link under “WO number” will provide additional details including Service Request Numbers (the originating numbers you were assigned when you entered your request on-line), brief descriptions, labor costs, material costs and miscellaneous costs.  Depending on where your materials were purchased, those charges could be listed under either Material or Misc. Cost.