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Forms  exhibit the following behaviors:

  • When a form is opened, it is in data entry mode, ready to enter a new record in to the system
  • The form can be switched to query mode, ready to enter search criteria to locate specific records.  After a query is executed, the form displays one record at a time
  • Related forms are available as context links on the right side of the form:
    Context Links
  • Categories of information may appear on different tabs across the top of the form

Tabs across forms

    • When a find button is available on a form, it will also perform a query for specific information.Find button on form
    • Form fields will show in different colors that indicate the following:
      Looks like Color Meaning
      Data Entry Mode White editable field in data entry mode
      Required Field Yellow required field in data entry mode
      Un-Editable Field Tan un-editable field
      fieldInQueryMode Blue field in query mod


  • Any Oracle related system messages will display in the lower left corner of the Form