How to update data using SOAPUI

For example, to update the description of a work order, please follow the below steps:Back

  • Open findAePProEByKey web service and get the data of any work order as explained earlier
  • Shrink the data by clicking the ‘-‘ near the <aePProE> tag and copy the whole data

  • Go to the updateAePProE web service, expand and open Request 1


  • Shrink the content of the existing data by clicking the ‘-‘ near the <fmax: aePProE> tag and select the whole data and delete it

  • Paste the existing data into the updateAepProE Request in the place where you deleted

  • Modify the existing value of description or any other field of your choice and enter the credentials in the request properties and run


  • You will receive a success response


  • You can now verify it in the AiM System

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