Java Release Management Process – Release to Test Environment Sub-Processes

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Release to Test Environment Sub-Processes

Release to Test environment is proceeded by developers. Release managers may be involved if needed. A Jira ticket number must be ready for updating the associated changes. The following lists sub-processes and details:

Create a remote Tag

  1. Login using NetID and password.
  2. Open the page of AiMIntegrationBrokerWS repository in the AiMIntegrationBrokerWS project
  3. Click the Tags link on the left of the page
  4. Note down the next tag number (see the Administrative Notes)
  5. Click the Commits link on the left. Find the commit that is going to be released. Click its link.
  6. Click the Tag this commit link on the right
  7. Provide the tag name, and the Jira ticket number in the description as shown below. Click create tag button.

Pull the Tag to local

  1. In SourceTree, check out test branch
  2. Click Pull button, select test branch
  3. Click OK button to pull changes and tags to local
  4. Double click the selected tag to check it out. Click the OK button on the confirm dialog
  5. Find the war file in the local project directory, usually in the dist directory, note the location for deployment later

Deploy the tag war file to Tomcat server

  1. Copy the war file to /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps on server via SSH
  2. Change ownership from user NETID to tomcat using sudo chown tomcat /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/xxx.war, enter NETID password as necessary
  3. Restart Tomcat using sudo /usr/sbin/service tomcat8 restart, enter NETID password as necessary
  4. Make sure the active Tomcat status after restart using sudo /usr/sbin/service tomcat8 status, enter NETID password as necessary
  5. Make sure the war file is expanded to the same-named directory

Update JIRA Ticket

  1. Go to Jira, and type the url to the ticket, in the form
    For example, if the ticket is THEBROKER-1, the link is
  2. Click the Edit button on the top left corner to edit the ticket, change the Assignee dropdown value to the developer, and provide a comment in the Comment text area (e.g. “In Test now”)