PHP Release Management Process – Creation of a Local Repository (Mac OS X)

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Next, clone from the master branch for the central repository to create a local repository by following the steps:

  • Go to, log in using the NetID and password.
  • Click “Repositories”, then aim/aim.
  • Hover the mouse on the three dots. Click “Clone” on the Repository page. Copy the link in the HTTP text box in the pop-out window
  • Open SourceTree. Click the New Repository button in SourceTree. Paste the Git path in Source URL. Select the Destination path as needed. Leave other parameters default. Then click Clone button.
  • As master is the default branch in Bitbucket server, the local master branch is created by default. In SourceTree, open the repository view by double clicking the icon of the repository (see the figure above). In the repository view, Ctrl-Click the remote origin test branch, select Checkout menu item to create a local test branch.
  • Select the Checkout New Branch tab, then Checkout remote branch and New local branch name as shown below. Keep the check in “Local branch should track remote branch” as default. Click OK button.
  • Check and verify that you see 2 local branches (master and test)