Programming Notes – Staff where our Dev environment is hosted (alias has the internal IP address while (hosting Test environment) and (hosting Prod environment) have the regular IP addresses. This results the situation when a php command needs to copy an external file on Accruent site (for example using curl), it needs to go through a proxy server at However when we release the code to php11 (or php6), the proxy is not needed. Code that works in Dev may not work in Test and Prod.

When php2 requests data from, it works well since they are in UConn network. However php2 can’t make it to for STORTST or STORPRD since php2 has the internal IP address. We have been using the database link to overcome this problem. The database link itself is a problem due to the performance with distributed structure. Php11 (test)and php6 (prod) do not have the internal IP problem so they are able to request directly from without using the database link.