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Database connections

Database connection information is contained in FAMISLib.vb, together with public functions/procedures, API functions, enumerations, etc.

Public sFAMISAppConn As String = “;Data Source=ds;User Id=xxxx;Password=yyyy”
Public sFAMISDashboardConn As String = “;Data Source=ds;User Id=xxxx;Password=yyyy”
Public sFAMISShadowConn As String = “;Data Source=ds;User Id=xxxx;Password=yyyy”


Main.vb: the main form

FAMISLibs.vb: common procedures, functions including API functions, constants, variables

Computer: to get computer resolutions

Equipment.vb: to load data for equipment

Position.vb: to record Oracle form element positions

Settings.vb: to select environments (such as connections)

Clicking.vb: to test mouse positions


Code is on the workstation & SVN branches.

Supporting files

Manufacturer list as of May 7 2014 (XLSX)

Keyword & Type  as of May 7 2014 (XLSX)

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