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 QR Codes on the new work order ticket format

On the current work schedule page, users select Print QR Code (selected by default)


The QR Code is printed on the right side of the new ticket format.


QR Code reader

The reader reads QR Codes into Shadow database. The user needs to be authenticated by CAS. Only after a work order has been loaded completely, the reader allows to read the next code.

Login Screen displays first; username and password are saved and displayed in the next login. Javascript runs on UIWebView and gets username/password from UITextField then programmatically puts username/password in the HTML Input in UIWebView and programmatically “click” submit button in UIWebView.

Stand-by screen waits for users’ touch on the camera icon to scan, or on the note icon for report.

Scan screen captures the QR Code and sends a request to PHP (with wo_number to mobile/fac_wo_complete_json.php). PHP saves date_record, user_id, wo_number, last_mod_date, wo_status. Need to wait each time pressing buttons UIWebView object needs to finish the loading to avoid losing information. Buttons are disabled during the waits to make sure the webview finishes loading.

Report display work order numbers which were scanned but not loaded, together with names of scan staff and NetIDs, scan date; users can search by keywords


Recorded Work Orders to Complete Report (fac-wo-complete.php)

Shows the work orders that have recorded, recorded date, recording user and work order status.

Work orders that were CANCELED, CLOSED are not going to be read.

The system returns a message “Work order xxx was either CLOSED or CANCELED previously” if a work order was in those status.

The system returns a message “Work order xxx was recorded previously” if a work order was recorded before.

The system returns a message “Work order ticket xxx has been recorded” if a work order is recorded successfully.

These messages can also be sent back to the QR Code reader theoretically if needed.


Work order for completion loader

Written in Java, theoretically can run on any computer and platform.

FAMIS Work Order Closing form needs to be opened before running the loader. After starting the loader, the user then logs in CAS using NETID/password. To load data from FAMIS_REQ_COMPLETED, the user needs to click the button Load, then switch to the Work Order Closing form window. The loader then reads work orders that have been recorded using QR Code readers into the table FAMIS_REQ_COMPLETED in SHADOW but are not in “CLOSED”, “CANCELED”, “COMPLETED” in FAMIS Proper. During the load, the computer should be left untouched (mouse + keyboard).



Java files

Java files are in SVN

PHP file lists








In Dev/Test SVN Branches


Database tables, views



FAMIS_REQ_COMPLETED: storing scanned work order tickets

FAMIS_LOADER_SETTINGS: storing loader settings

FAMIS_SCANNER_IP: storing IP address of scanning devices


FAMIS_REQ_COMPLETED_VW: showing only scanned but unloaded work order tickets, by joining with FAMIS.REQ in STORTST (or STORPRD later)

Other usage (direct usage) of the ticket

Look-up using WO numbers
Without attachments
+ HTML View

+ PDF Inline View

+ PDF File Download

+ Multiple WOs HTML View,M167997&htmlview

+ Multiple WOs Inline View,M167997&inline

+ Multiple WOs PDF File Download,M167997

Look-up using WO numbers with attachments
+ Multiple WOs HTML View for WO Control does not provide attachments.,M167997&htmlview

+ Multiple WOs with Attachment Inline View,M167997&note_attach=M447474,M167997&mail_attach=M447474,M167997&doc_attach=M447474,M167997&inline

+ Multiple WOs with Attachment File Download,M167997&note_attach=M447474,M167997&mail_attach=M447474,M167997&doc_attach=M447474,M167997

Look-up using SR numbers
Without attachments
+ HTML View

+ PDF Inline View

+ PDF File Download

+ Multiple SRs HTML View,SR330806&htmlview

+ Multiple WOs Inline View,SR330806&inline

+ Multiple WOs PDF File Download,SR330806

Look-up using SR numbers with attachments
+ Multiple SRs HTML View for WO Control does not provide attachments.,SR330806&htmlview

+ Multiple SRs with Attachment Inline View,SR322672&note_attach=SR262974,SR322672&mail_attach=SR262974,SR322672&doc_attach=SR262974,SR322672&inline

+ Multiple WOs with Attachment File Download,SR322672&note_attach=SR262974,SR322672&mail_attach=SR262974,SR322672&doc_attach=SR262974,SR322672

QR Code
In all the examples above (PDF & Inline, not HTMLView), in order to print QR Code, you need to add the URL parameter qrcode, for example