Publisher Training Guide – Developing in Publisher – Creating a Report Link

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  1. Links to Publisher Report


    • Description: The Name that will display when users go to select which report link they want to use
    • URL:  The URL that corresponds to the Publisher Report to access via the link
      For storprd the string URL will always start with: name value pairs for the URL are as follows (and are joined by &):

      reportid=The id of the Publisher report to access.  This is found on the lower  right corner of the Report Definition pane:



      WhereField=The name of the field in the Report SQL that the where value is applied to (e.g., EQUIPMENT)
      WhereValues=This is always at the end of the URL and Publisher will add the value based on the Link Column selected during the Advanced Column Formatting process

      A full example URL is:

    • Target: If Target is left blank then the link target will open in the same browser window where the current report is displayed. If the Target field has a value, then a new browser window or tab with this Target identifier will be where the link target is displayed.
    • Parent Link: I have no idea!
    • Tag Type: The choices are Image or Hyperlink. Hyperlink will put a text based hyperlink in the report. (Image will presumably use an image but this has not been tested at UCONN yet)
    • Order: I have no idea!
    • ID: Is a unique identifier for each Report Link that is created in Publisher

  2. Links to Visual Map
  3. Links to Other

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