Publisher Training Guide – Developing in Publisher – Simple Report Formatting

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To define the format for the report, click the Column Format


To format a column, click on it so that it is highlighted in the list under Report Columns Settings.  It is possible to format more then one column at a time by holding down the <SHIFT> key while clicking on the list of columns.

Format Type Description
Heading  This is the text that will appear at the top of the column
Width  This is the number of pixels wide the column should be
Display  This indicates if the column should be displayed or not.  (Hidden columns are useful for certain types of filtering, ordering or linking to other resources)
Type  This indicates if the data should be treated as a String, Number or Date
Format If the Type is Numeric there are many formatting options available to display the results
Align  This specifies that the results be in the left, center or right of the column
Link  If this data in this column is to be link to another report that is selected here.  Please see Report Links for details on how this function works.
Link Column  The link column (sometimes a hidden column) contains the data or variable that is passed to the link specified
Theme  If there is a Visual Map theme that can be associated with this column, selecting the theme will color code the column accordingly
Style  Unknown and likely associated with the Stylesheet File name that is not being used because of the hosted environment
Drill  Unknown
Subtotal  If this is specified there are subtotal options for grouping the resultset
Total  No total, a count or summary can be defined here
DB Column  This is the column name returned by the SQL of the report

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