Publisher Training Guide – Getting Started – Administration

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In order for a user to access Publisher they must first be given permission via Self-Service Security.  Currently at UCONN the only way to do this is through the oracle forms because the other options provided out-of-the-box by FAMIS are restricted by the use of our CAS.   Access Security Configuration through any of the Management Navigation menus:administration_navmenu

On the Security Configuration form, select Self-Service Security:



From the Self Service Application Settings highlight FAMIS_PUBLISHER in the Application Code list and enter the user’s netid in Application Users/Privileges.


To also provide specific access to Publisher Report folders at this time, their associated application codes can be selected and privileges sent.  There are other mechanisms from within the Publisher tool to also give users access to Publisher Report folders.


A user can verify the Publisher permissions are properly assigned when they log in to FAMIS and see a Report’s tab available to them:


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