Report Writing – PHP Reports Developer Guide – All

Every PHP report has:

  1. A header which basically has the code for the connection settings (URL, USER, PASSWORD etc.) It is usually in the PHP file “header_report.php”
  2. Report Title
  3. Report Description
  4. Filters for selecting the parameters for the report (optional)
  5. Report Query and logic embedded in PHP tags
  6. HTML tags to format the output

The PHP reports are usually formatted using HTML tags. The records generated by the Query in the PHP report are formatted using HTML tables.

Commonly used HTML tags used in FAMIS PHP reports DIV tag





Commonly used PHP functions and the logic used in the reports:

Include and Require
“array_push” function
“execute” function
“die” function
“is_array()” function
Explode and Implode
Extract variable POST logic
The $_POST Variable
Query Formation
Query Execution
Initialization of variables in the report