SOP – Service Contract Invoice

 Standard Operating Procedures

Service Contract Invoice


The Service Contract Invoice Screen processes vendor invoices submitted for completed service contract work.  Service Contract Invoices will be processed as an interface from KFS.


Regular Monitoring of Service Contract Invoice:

The majority of Service Contract Invoice records represent actual Service Contract Invoices.  However, this is also the place at UConn where Invoicing errors are captured.

Actual Service Contract Invoices that have processed properly will be recognizable because their status will be set to PAID

The three error conditions captured as Service Contract Invoices are:


SC Invoice Status What this means Steps to Resolve
 WO NOT SET  There is a valid Work Order || Phase combination and a valid Service Contract but they are not associated to each other  Follow Steps Here
 NO WORK ORDER There is a valid Service Contract specified with the invoice but it is missing a Work Order || Phase so the costs cannot be applied to the work  Follow the identical steps for WO NOT SET except research needs to be done with the Crew Supervisor or Manager to determine the proper work order || Phase to associate with the contract
 NO SC OR PO  The Invoice has a PO or SC identifier from KFS that does not exist in AiM as a Purchase Order or a Service Contract
    1.  Need to determine if this is actually a PO Invoice or a SC Invoice
      1. The only way this is a PO Invoice is if the PO does not exist.   Create the PO Manually.  [TO DO: Find out from Ying if this will get reprocessed correctly]
      2. If this is an SC invoice create the SC manually in AiM then follow the identical steps for WO NOT SET except research needs to be done with the Crew Supervisor or Manager to determine the proper work order || Phase to associate with the contract


WO NOT SET Resolution Details

Go to the Service Contract Invoice to find the KFS eDoc

Once in KFS on the eDoc get the Work Order and Phase:


Now go to the search and look for the Work Order and Phase in AiM:


Once you have located the phase select the blue edit button in the upper left corner



Once in edit mode, navigate to the lower right part of the screen and select Service Contract from the Contract Type Drop Down:

Enter the information from the WO NOT SET service contract invoice record:

Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the Phase Screen.

Navigate back to the error SC Invoice and click Edit.  Click the Add button above the Line Item section:

Add the information for as many lines are on the invoice:

Change the status to PAID and Save the record:

The invoice will now show as Actuals in the Contract Cost column:

The information below documents the AiM manual input that will be replicated via automation (webservices)



A Service Contract Invoice Arrives at AP
From the AiM WorkDesk Screen

  1. Select Accounts Payable
  2. Select Service Contract Invoice
  3. New
Enter the following:

  1. Description field contains the PO and reference
  2. Enter contract information and press search glass.  Note Contractor and address code will be filled in along with reference number
  3. Enter Invoice Number
  4. Enter Invoice Date
On Line Items Press Add

  1. Enter Description
  2. Enter Work Order
  3. Select Phase
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Press Done
  6. Press Save


Service Contract Invoice is ready for approval.  Note:  The approval will be system applied putting the invoice into an auto approved status



  1. System Administrator will have full authority for this processing.
  2. The Finance team will be able to manually create and modify if needed.


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