Template and Sample Email Communication for IT Updates

AIM System Upgrade Notification

Lead: Summarize the main point of your message in the first sentence or two. People rarely read an entire message so we recommend frontloading communication with your main point. Try to cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how in your lead. We typically begin the first sentence with “I am writing to…” You do not have to follow this format but using it as a prompt will help you identify your lead.

Context: In this paragraph, you contextualize the main point established in your lead briefly. Provide the relevant background information your reader needs to understand the message.

Call to action: If you need your reader to act upon the information provided in the message, be explicit about what you want in the closing. If you are requesting a response, for example, let them know what you need to know, who they should contact, and by when you need the response.

Positive closure: You want to end on a message on a positive note. You can thank people here, let them know you appreciate their efforts, or connect the content of the message to the overarching benefit. At a minimum, let your readers know who is available to field their questions or provide additional information. We often conclude messages with “Please do not hesitate to contact us with comments, questions, or concerns.”

For Example:

AIM System Upgrade Notification

Dear UConn AiM User Community,

I am writing to let you know that this afternoon two automation enhancements will be released into the AiM Application.  The first enhancement will change the status of a Work Order / Phase from “OPEN” to “ASSIGNED” if a shop person is assigned to that Phase.  The second enhancement will APPROVE timecards that are more than 5 days old and have not been previously approved.  The system is expected to remain on-line and operational during the installation of the enhancements.


  • Please be aware that the first enhancement makes the change to the status after the supervisor clicks the Save button on the Phase and only if a shop person is assigned and only if the status is “OPEN”. 
  • The second enhancement is a scheduled process that will run once nightly and processing the 5 day old, unapproved timecards

There is no action necessary, however if you experience unexpected behavior following your standard work in the AiM Application please call the Operations Center at 6-3113 or reply to this email.

Thank you for your input that identified the need for these enhancements and your continued commitment to operational improvements and efficiencies.  Please continue to provide your ideas for making AiM a better tool for Facilities Operations and Building Services.

Thank you,

George Perron
Lara Juenger