Adding a New Property

 Standard Operating Procedures

Adding a New Property



The Property Module screen captures all property information is entered in this screen. A new property request can be initiated by any University of Connecticut organization. The request is vetted through the ‘Official’ or ‘Non-official” external business process before being sent to the Space Management group for documenting in the IWMS system.


Property Statuses:

Property Status Description
Occupied  Indicates the property is occupied, not available.
Vacant  Indicates the property is vacant and available for assignment.
Mothballed  Indicates property is out of service at the moment. It can be available in the future.
Inactive  Indicates the property is not longer active or available in the system.
Demolished  Indicates the property was demolished.


Property Status Flags:

Property Flag Description
Active Indicates a property is available for use within the system to host work orders, warehouses, and other system activities.
Pending Indicates a property is neither active or inactive, but a condition where the property is in route to becoming active or inactive through construction, demolition, purchase, sale, or other action. A pending Property profile may be created and managed, but work cannot be assigned to it.
Inactive Indicates a property is not available for use in the system.


Location Objects:

Location Description
Location ID The location ID identifies location identity.
Location Type The Location type is used as a tool to define, normally for reporting purposes, a kind of Place.
Primary Usage Primary Usage Code, indicates by the highest in percentage ranking of its utilization by its
Space Type The Space type indicates if a space is assignable or non-assignable.
Location Status The Status field indicates whether this location is active and available for use in AiM


Location Statuses:

Location Flag Description
Active This status indicates the location is active.
Construction This status indicates the location is under construction/renovation.
Inactive This status indicates the location is inactive.


Location Status Flags:

Location Flag Description
Active This status flag signifies the location is active.
Inactive This status flag signifies the location is inactive. Location status flag cannot be associated to any transactions.



To add a new property, you must have the following information:


  • Property Number
  • Property Name
  • Region Facility
  • Floors
  • Property Status


1. Select the Property link from the Main WorkDesk Menu.  


2. Click the link to the Property Profile.  



3. Click New to enter Property Profile information.  





*Note that the red highlighted cells are required fields.*


Required fields include:


  • 1. Property Identification (4 digit number)
  • 2. Property Description (Official name of the property),
  • 3. Region
  • 4. Campus
  • 5. Status


 4. Add property identification number, description, region and campus.  


 5. Add property address and select property status.  



Property Statuses:



6. To add floors, click Floors option from the View Menu.  


7. Click Add to add floor information.  




8. Enter floor information: ID and description.

*Click the Add button to add additional floors.*


9. Click Done  button when finished adding floors.



10. Click the Done button, then click Save to save the property.  





11. Click Edit to continue adding locations.  


 12. Click the Add button on the Location detail area.  




 You must have the following information:



  • 1. Location Id’s
  • 2. Location Type
  • 3. Primary Usage
  • 4. Space Type
  • 5. Location Status




 13. Add location identifier, description (this should be the same as the location type description).  


14. Add the Organization. Click the Institution Zoom icon. Follow the prompts to select the correct Institution, Department, and Organization combination.  


 15. Add Location Type and Primary Usage.  


 16. Add the Location Space Type:


  • Assignable should be selected for assignable spaces.
  • Non-assignable should be selected for non assignable spaces.


 17. Add Floors.  


18. Set Location Status  



19. To add additional Locations, select the Add button. When Finished adding locations, click the Done button.  


20. Click the Done button, then click Save to save the record.





1. Space Manager: [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]

2. System Administrator: 

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Property module its configuration and functionality.


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