SOP - Human Resources

The instructions here are designed for individuals who are familiar with the AIM Environment. This includes logging in to AIM, WorkDesk, icons, menus, search screens, working with data, and entry screens. If you are new to AiM please refer to the documentation explaining these foundational AiM concepts or go to your supervisor and request training. 

Human Resources Menu

Looking-Up Employee Emergency Contact Information

Editing Employee Emergency Contact Information

Creating New Emergency Contact Records

Maintain Employee Data (Loaded by Interface - Profile information from KFS)
Maintain Shop Data
Maintain Organization Data (Loaded by Interface - KFS)
Maintain Training Course Attendance
Maintain Training Course Schedule
Maintain Contact Profile (Loaded by Interface - KFS)
Maintain Requestor (Loaded by Interface - KFS Note: will create AiM special Requestor for Web interface)

Human Resources Module Set-Up

Manage Institution Data
Manage Department Data
Manage Training Courses
Manage Trade Definitions

Not in Use @ UConn

Maintain Overtime Rotation (Not Using)
Maintain Training Course Attendance (Not Using)
Maintain Training Course Schedule (Not Using)
Manage Job Families (Not Using)
Manage Job Classes (Not Using)
Manage Position Control (Not Using)
Manage Payroll Class (Not Using)
Manage Payroll Status (Not Using)
Manage Pay Basis (Not Using)
Manage Citizenship (Not Using)
Manage Education Level (Not Using)
Manage Emergency Relationships (Need to determine Types)
Manage Ethnicity (Not Using)
Manage Exit Reason (Not Using)
Manage Hire Code (Not Using)
Manage School (Not Using)
Manage Major (Not Using)
Manage Salary Grade (Not Using)
Manage Impairment (Not Using)
Manage Overtime Rotation Definition (Not Using)
Maintain Contact Profiles (TBD)
Manage Contact Groups (Not using at this time)
Manage Contact Types (Not using at this time)
Manage Training Course Language (Not Using)