Accessing Employee Emergency Contact Information

 Standard Operating Procedures

Access Employee Emergency Contact Information


Employee Emergency Contact Information is located in the Employee Profile screen, which can be found in the Human Resources Module.   Access to this information is restricted to the Manager and Director roles, as well as the HR and IT roles within AiM.

Emergency contact information is maintained by the HR group in accordance with existing departmental procedures.




1. Select the Human Resources link from the Main WorkDesk Menu.
2. Click the link to the Employee Profile.  
3. Click Search to look up the Employee Profile information.
4. Enter employee Net ID, first name, or last name to search for the employee's Profile.
5. Click the blue Execute button in the upper left hand corner
6. Click on the NetID for the desired employee under the Employee ID  column
7.  Click on Emergency Contact Information under the View menu on the left hand side of the screen

**If Emergency Contact Information does not appear in blue font that is underlined, there is no emergency contact data for the employee**

8. Emergency contact information is visible for the selected employee.

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