AiM Configuration List


Yes = Has been configured manually

√ = Already configured

BLANK = No entries in test environment




1  AD HOC DATA ENTRY Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
2 AIMCAD  Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
3  ASSET MANAGER  Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
4  CONTRACT TECHNICIAN  Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
5 CUSTOMER Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
6 DEVELOPER Loaded from Test/Validated
7 DIRECTOR Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
8 FINANCE Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
9 HR SUPERVISOR Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
10 KEY APPROVER Loaded from Test/Validated
11 KEY CONTROL Loaded from Test/Validated
12 KEY MANANGER Loaded from Test/Validated
13 LOCKSMITH Loaded from Test
14 MANAGER Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
15 MATERIALS MANAGEMENT Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
16 OPERATIONS ADMIN Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
17 OPERATIONS CENTER MANAGEMENT Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
18 OPERATIONS DATA ENTRY Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
19 PROJECT MANAGER Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
20 READ ONLY Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
21 REPORTS ONLY Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
22 SPACE MANAGER Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
23 SPACE READ ONLY Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
24 SUPERVISOR Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
25 SYSADMIN Loaded from Test/Validated
26 SYSTEM SUPPORT Yes Loaded from Test/Validated
27 TECHNICIAN Yes Loaded from Test/Validated


 Work Management Quick Work Order Yes (hidden by role)
Work Management  Shop Stock Approval Yes (hidden by role)
Work Management  Shop Stock Adjustment Yes (hidden by role)
Work Management Limited Work Order Yes (hidden by role)
Work Management  Job Priority Yes (hidden by role)
 Fix Asset Management Yes (hidden by role)
Inventory Yes (hidden by role)
Time and Attendance Timecard Generator Yes (hidden by role)


Work Management Work Classification Yes
Work Management Work Code Group (Not Using)
 Work Management Work Code Yes
Work Management Action Taken Loaded from Test
Work Management  Work Order Status Yes
Work Management  Phase Status Yes
Work Management  Priority Yes
Work Management  Job Priority (Not Using)
Work Management  Problem Code
Work Management  Request Method Yes
Work Management  Purchase Request Status Yes
Work Management  Stock Location  (Waiting shops be loaded)
Work Management  Stock Number (Not Using)
Work Management  Unit Cost Rates BLANK
Accounts Payable Purchase Order Invoice Status  Yes
Accounts Payable Service Contract Invoice Status  Yes
Asset Management Master Asset Profile Loaded via Loader
(needs validation)
Asset Management Asset Meter Blank
Asset Management Asset Package Blank
Asset Management Asset Type Yes
Asset Management Asset Group Manual (just what is needed for load)
Asset Management Asset Status Yes
Asset Management Failure Code
Asset Management Manufacturer Loaded via Loader
Asset Management Standard Yes
Asset Management Classification Manual (just what is needed for load)
Asset Management Unit of Measure Loaded from Prod
Contract Administration Specialty  BLANK
Contract Administration MBE/WBE  BLANK
Contract Administration 1099 Code  BLANK
Contract Administration Rating  BLANK
Contract Administration Contractor Address Reason  BLANK
Contract Administration Terms  BLANK
Contract Administration Change Order Reason BLANK
Contract Administration Service Contract Type   √
Contract Administration Service Contract Status   √
Contract Administration Service Contract Change Order Status  √
Customer Service Customer Request Status Yes
Finance Subcode Loaded via Loader
Finance Account Administrator
Finance Work Order Billing Setup Yes
Finance Invoice Group  √
Finance External Charges Import BLANK
Finance External Charges Import Error
Finance Load Bank Card Transactions  BLANK
Human Resources Institution  Yes
Human Resources Department  Yes
Human Resources Job Family BLANK
Human Resources Job Class  BLANK
Human Resources Position Control Number  BLANK
Human Resources Payroll Class  BLANK
Human Resources  Payroll Status  BLANK
Human Resources  Pay Basis  BLANK
Human Resources  Citizenship BLANK
Human Resources  Education Level BLANK
Human Resources  Emergency Relationship  BLANK
Human Resources  Ethinicity BLANK
Human Resources  Exit Reason  BLANK
 Human Resources  Hire Code  BLANK
 Human Resources  School  BLANK
 Human Resources  Major  BLANK
 Human Resources Salary Grade  BLANK
 Human Resources  Impairment BLANK
 Human Resources  Overtime Rotation Definition BLANK
Human Resources Training Course
Human Resources Trade Definition  Yes
Human Resources Contact Group BLANK
Human Resources Contact Type BLANK
Human Resources Training Course Language BLANK
 IQ  …
Key & Access Control
Preventive Management PM Template
Preventive Management PM Standards Loaded via Loader
Preventive Management PM Schedule Date Generator
Preventive Management Frequency
Preventive Management PM Route
Project Management Project Type  √
Project Management Project Status
Project Management Planned Work Order Status Yes
Property Region
Property  Property Status  √
Property  Property Type TBD (phase 2)
Property  Property Class TBD (phase 2)
Property  Location Status TBD (phase 2)
Property  Location Type   √
Property  Usage    √
 Property Zone Type   √
*added Circuit Zones
  Property Property Profile  Loaded from Loader

(needs validation)

 Property Location Profile Loaded from Loader
(needs validation)
 Property Property Zones for FOBS Loaded from Loader
*added Circuit Zones
Purchasing Purchase Order Type Yes
Purchasing Purchase Order Status Yes
Purchasing Bank  BLANK
Purchasing Blanket Purchase Order Status Yes
Purchasing Shipment Type  BLANK
Purchasing Rejection Reason BLANK
Purchasing Expediting Actions  BLANK
Purchasing External Reference Code BLANK
Purchasing Blanket Purchase Order Type
Purchasing Purchase Card Status Yes
Purchasing Purchase Receive Status  Yes
Purchasing Spot Purchase Status BLANK
Space Management
Time and Attendance Time Type
Time and Attendance Labor Class  √
Time and Attendance Shift Code BLANK
Time and Attendance Leave Class   √
Time and Attendance Leave Code   √
Time and Attendance Holiday  BLANK
Time and Attendance Attendance Adjustment Reason  BLANK
System Administration Role See table above
System Administration User Security Yes
System Administration Action Code TBD
System Administration Authentication
System Administration Barcode Setup  √
System Administration Content Store  √
System Administration Currency Code  √
System Administration Document Type  √
System Administration Email Configuration  √
System Administration External URL
System Administration GIS Setup
System Administration Label Utility  √
System Administration License Manager   √
System Administration Mime Type Setup   √
System Administration Note Type Yes
System Administration Survey Definition TBD
System Administration Survey Type TBD
 System Administration Transaction Numbers   √
 System Administration User Defined Manager   √