AiM – Integration Technical Specifications: UConn Object Codes

Functional Description

The University of Connecticut’s (UConn’s) Facilities Operations and Building Services (FOBS) organization selected AiM, an Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) provided by AssetWorks, as the software to manage Operations and Maintenance (O&M).  In addition to utilizing the AiM software, UConn also decided to execute the hosted solution offered out of their Wayne, PA data center. In order to accurately track costs, perform maintenance, route work, etc. AiM needs to include the current space data that accurately represents UConn @ Storrs as well as five of the regional campuses whose O&M functions are managed by FOBS.

Currently, the System of Record (SOR) for UConn’s Financial Object Codes is Kuali Financial System.


This function will allow Object Code data to be entered in the Financial SOR by the department charged with keeping that data accurate and up to date.  The data will be periodically pulled to the O&M software.  This reduces the need for double entry of data and facilitates standardization of planning, operations and reporting across different university organizations and systems.

User Story

System of Record (SoR)

Object Code data is maintained in KFS.  An example an Object Code record from KFS is shown here:

Object Codes from KFS

Integration Point(s) for SoR Data

Object Codes starting with 4,5,6,7,8  will be kept up to date in AiM from KFS

AiM Representation of Data

Subcode in AiM



Role Name Description Example from current team(s)
Chart of Accounts from Controller Individual(s) responsible for data currency of Object Codes at the Budget Office
Assistant Director of Finance and Budget Facilities Operations & Building Services Individual(s) responsible for overseeing the financial responsibilities of FOBS Tammie C
Application Administrator Individual(s) responsible for overseeing the proper operation of AiM Cheli D
Integration Developer Individual(s) responsible for implementing and maintaining the integration Keethi C & Linda J

Data Mapping

Account Level Mapping (update/insert)


filter =

  • univ_fiscal_yr = 2018 (changed each year)
  • fin_coa_cd = UC (chart code)
KFS Table KFS Field UCONN API Method XML AiM Web Service AiM Web Service Tag AiM Table AiM Field
 ca_object_code_T  fin_object_cd  ae_x_sub_e  sub_code
 ca_object_code_T  fin_obj_cd_nm  ae_x_sub_e  description
ca_object_code_T  fin_obj_active_cd ae_x_sub_e active

Object Code Level Value Mappings

AiM Account Status Values
Status Description Status Flag


AiM Subcode Types
Type Description

Documents (Transactional, Maintenance, Search/Inquiry Screens)

AiM Web Service to find a subcode Sample result

To update an account call

AiM Web Service to Update a Subcode Sample result



The Object Code Integration will run once daily.  ??? am is the desired time

Soft Errors/Warnings/Notifications and reporting

Certain conditions will be defined that will allow for the insertion, update or inactivation of properties and/or their attributes in AiM, but they will generate notification reports

Condition Action to be performed

Hard Errors and reporting

Condition Action to be performed

Pre-defined Types and Values

Design Options

Java Broker
Pentaho ETL
Data Stage ETL