Apply a PO Against a Maintenance Project

 Standard Operating Procedures

Apply a PO Against a Maintenance Project


There is no difference between a Purchase Order that is applied against a Maintenance Project Work Order and any other type of Work Order.  The impact the PO has on the Maintenance Project costs is documented here.



All Purchase orders should arrive in AiM via a loading process or an integration with KFS.  While those remain in development, POs can be added manually to AiM to track costs against projects.

A Maintenance Project Purchase Order
The Purchase Order show here  was applied to a work order that is part of the IMF FUNDS – TRADE SERVICES – FY18 Project A Project PO
Purchase Order Identifier The value of 175129 shown above is the Purchase Order identifier from KFS
Purchase Order Description The value of Kellogg Dairy Bar Generator Replacement shown above would be populated from the description on the Purchase Order from KFS
Status Since PO’s currently have no standard work for adjustments, the status is set to ORIGINAL since it is the value that would be sent on the original PO from KFS.  This value has a Flag=Finalize.   Any PO that has a status corresponding to a Finalized Flag will have its amounts encumbered against the corresponding Work Order until such time as an invoice is applied.
Type The value of RO shown above is the Purchase Order type from KFS
Place By The value of TMS12012 shown above is the individual who placed the PO from KFS
PO Code The value of 1022 is an auto-generated, unique sequential number from AiM
Contractor The value of 30254-0 shown above is the Purchase Order Contractor from KFS
Address Code The value of 0 is the default address code on all contractors for UConn’s AiM Configuration
Created The value of Nov 27, 2017 12:00 PM above is the Purchase Order creation date from KFS


Purchase Order Line  
A sample Purchase Order Line Item is shown here  
 Line Identifier The value of 1 shown above is the Purchase Order Line Identifier from KFS
 Line Description  The value of SEMAC ELECTRIC COMPANY INC-302 shown above is the description on the line from KFS
Unit Cost The value of $89,887.97 shown above is the unit cost from KFS
Order Quantity The value of 1.0 shown above is the unit cost from KFS
Amount The Amount shown above is calculated by AiM
Status The value of OPEN [TODO:FOBS determine where this comes from]
Subledger The value of Contract shown above is sent from KFS


Disbursement Defaults
A sample Disbursement Default is shown here  
Sequence The value of 1 shown above is set by the loader or integration from KFS
Work Order The value of 171207-007269 is the Maintenance Project Work Order that corresponds to the PO
Phase The value of 001 is the MP WO Phase that corresponds to the PO
Quantity The UConn process defines that by default the quantity is set to the quantity on the PO Line
Subtotal The UConn process defines that by default the subtotal is set the the subtotal on the PO Line


Any PO that is set to a status with a Finalized Flag will be Encumbered on the Phase, Work Order, Project and Project Group.  A sample of the IMF Energy -Utilities FY18 project with $330,330.60 encumbered PO dollars is shown below.  This is the sum of all POs associated with Work Orders associated with the 1016 project.  When this screen was captured, none of the PO’s had been invoiced.




  1. Finance Business Office -[TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]
  2. Program Manager – [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]


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