Configuring Asset Status

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configuring Asset Status


Asset Status is used to describe the current availability of equipment and is part of the Master Asset profile.  Changes, additions, or deletions should not be made to this list without the approval of the Asset Manager as well as the UCONN AiM System Administrator.  The current statuses are shown below as well as their Asset Type correlation and status flag (the AiM background setting that actually dictates availability).


Asset Status Asset Status Flags Description
Active Active Indicates the asset is in service/assigned to an individual
Available Maintenance Indicates it is available to use/assign
Decommissioned Inactive Indicates the asset is no longer in service and is deemed not usable in the future to UConn, generally due to irreparable damage, malfunction or end of useful life
Offline Maintenance Indicates that an asset is currently in service. This information is useful in determining MTBF (mean-time-between-failure) reports
Validation Pending Indicates a new asset has been created but is not yet available for use with transactions. Good examples for this status could include assets that are about to be purchased and not yet installed or assets included in planning but might not be acquired. All fields are editable while in this status. These assets may not be used on work orders or other transaction screens




1. Navigate to the Asset Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Asset Management screen and click the link to Asset Status.
3. From the Asset Status main screen, click New to add a status or choose Search to edit an existing status.  
4. By choosing Search and selecting the desired status to edit, you will reach the screen pictured here.  Click the blue Edit box in the top, left of the screen in order to make changes.  
5. From the Asset Status edit screen, you can change all of the fields except for the Asset Type.  Changing the type would necessitate adding a new Asset Status.


Additionally, Roles to which the Status is available can be added here by selecting the blue Load box on the right side of the screen.


Upon completion of creating or updating the record, click the green Save box in the top, left corner of the screen.





  1. System Administration: Responsible for configuring and updating Asset Statuses in AiM.


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