Configuring Frequencies

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configuring Frequencies


PM Frequencies are configured to accommodate the Fixed, Timed and Fixed/Metered PM Types.  the frequency is REQUIRED for both Fixed (based on last WO creation date) and Timed (based on last completion date), and is available for the Fixed/Metered type (both the interval and frequency fields become available, which enters the values that will trigger the generation of a PM work order).



1. Navigate to the Preventive Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Preventive Management screen and click the link to Frequency.  
The frequency home screen looks like this.  Select the blue Edit button in order to make changes to existing frequencies  
Notice that once a frequency has been created, the name of the frequency cannot be edited, it can only be inactivated.


Provide a clear description of the intended timeframe in the description field.


Fill in the Occurences/Year field.  Note: this field is up to 4 decimal places.


Click the green Save button when all desired edits have been made.

If adding new frequencies, select New from the Frequency home page.  You can add as many new frequencies as you like at one time (prior to hitting the green Save button).  Follow the guidance above for Description and Occurrence/Year fields.


Click on the green Save button when complete.





  1. System Administration – Add, Edit or Inactivate PM Frequency options
  2. Asset Manager – Add, Edit or Inactivate PM Frequency options


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