Configuring Inspection Lines

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configuring Inspection Line Groups


Line Groups are used to organize data across multiple inspection types.  The line group is also a highly visible element in AiM Fire Asset Manager.  Because of these two factors it is important to define Line Groups that are simple and meaningful for data collection.



The Line Groups consist of the Line Group Identifier, the description and an Active Flag  
Adding Inspection Line Groups requires adding the Line Group, the Description and setting the Active Flag  
Editing Inspection Line groups allows updating of the Description Only and setting the Active Flag to yes or no.  If a line group needs to be renamed, the current line group should be set to Active=NO and new line group should be created using the desired name.  
Line Groups display as the bold text on the first line of each inspection step




  1. System Administration – The System Administrator Inserts, Updates and Inactivates Line Groups.  Since Line Groups help users of Fire Asset Manager execute effective inspections as well as drive important metric collection it is important that only System Administrators update these elements after close coordination with the Business Owner(s)


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