Configuring Purchase Order Types

 Standard Operating Procedures

<Configuring Purchase Order Types>


AiM has been configured to process 9 different Purchase Order Types: Blanket Order (BO), Central Stores – Non-renewable(CN), Food Non-renewable(FN), On-Call Professional(ON), On-Call Trade(OT), Regular Order(RO), Software Licensing(SL), Standard Maintenance Order(SM), and University Construction(UC).  The Default is Regular Order(RO).  All other configurations are the same.


  1. Select Purchasing from AiM WorkDesk
  2. Select Purchase Order Type under Setup.
  3. Select New


  1. Enter Record name: Example BO
  2. Enter Description
  3. Leave defaults (3-Way Match=Y,Post at Invoice=N, Capital Project=N, Require Blanket PO=N, Require External Reference=Y, Already on Order Warning=Y, Prompt to close PO=Y)
  4. Default Status = OPEN
  5. Active=Y, Default=N

Roles used:

  1. System Administration – This role will provide the configuration adds and updates provided by Fianance