Configuring the PM Schedule Date Generator

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configuring PM Schedule Date Generator


Found in the Preventive Maintenance Module, the PM Schedule Date Generator Screen generates the equipment/asset projected dates schedule on the Template Asset Screen. The PM Generator Screen uses this schedule to create PM work orders and is helpful in reporting and planning.

PM dates must be generated as part of the PM process. These dates can be filtered by a number of factors including the asset/equipment, the PM route, and where the work is done.



1. Navigate to the Preventive Management module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Preventive Management screen and click the link to PM Schedule Date Generator.
3. The PM Schedule Date Generator Can be configured to generate all future PM dates for a given time period or it can be configured to filter based on any of the fields present.  The ONLY required field is the Date.  This determines how far out dates are generated.  
4. Once your criteria have been chosen, click on Generate button.  The projected dates will populate on the Template Asset Screen shown here.  





  1. Asset Manager – Project dates for PM phase release


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