Create Maintenance Project Work Order

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Create Maintenance Project Work Order


All work and the associated costs related to a project is captured on work orders.  A work order groups the activities of the project into logical elements. For example, if a project is comprised of the efforts of numerous contractors, each contractors work and costs might be associated to individual work orders. If a project is comprised of work spread across multiple properties, there would be a work order for each property.  [TODO: FOBS describe the rules/guidelines for what constitutes a work order on a project]



The SOPs for work orders can be found by clicking here.. The same procedures are followed for Project Work Orders with the exceptions that are documented here:

Project Work Order
The Work Order on the Right is considered a Project Work Order.  It looks identical to other work orders except for one data element.  Sample Project WO
A Project Work Order is distinguishable by the presence of a Project Identifier.  Project Section
Type or select the Project by clicking the magnifying glass in the Project data element box when creating the work order.  Project Select


Project Work Order – Phase  
Verify the phase is in edit mode
A critical element to Phases on Project Work Orders is that any phase where costs should be applied to the project accounts, needs the Funding Method set to Project  Phase funding Method
It is possible to have phases on the work where the costs are not applied to the project accounts.  These non-project phases would have a different funding method, such as SHOP.

FOBS: It is important to understand how mixing the funding methods and allowing for various types impacts the overall reporting on the project budgets.

Once the funding method is set to Project on any phase, the estimates for the work need to be added.  Click the Cost Analysis option on the Phase View Menu.  phase View Menu
Depending on the expected sub ledger where costs will be applied, the estimates need to be added.  On the phase show here, the costs are expected to be contract costs and so the estimated cost of $14,731 are entered in the estimate row in the Contract Cost column.  Phase EstImated Cost
Click  Done Button when the estimates are entered.  The estimates will now roll up on the Cost Analysis view of the Work Order, Project and if applicable, the Project Group
Project Group Cost Analysis
Project Cost Analysis

Work Order Cost Analysis




  1. Finance Business Office -[TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]
  2. Program Manager – [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]
  3. Operations Center – [TODO:FOBS define refine rules here]


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