Entering Timecard data

 Standard Operating Procedures

Entering Timecard Data 


The Timecard screen enables entry of employee work hours and/or non-work leave hours for a shop person on a given work date. One or multiple line items (work and/or leave hours) can be entered in the detail section of the screen.  This would be used when time has not been captured using the AiMFire star/stop time feature against a work order.  It can also be used to enter time against training.  Timecards when entered will carry a Not Posted, Posted, or Rejected status.  When submitted the initial status is not posted.  In the timecard approval function they can either be accepted or rejected.


* The time type and labor class are necessary for charging a shop employee’s time against a work order phase. For each shop employee a default time type and labor class is defined.


  • The Time Type is the category of time based upon the number of hours worked and when the hours are worked.
  • The Labor class is a job classification of the type of work a shop employee does.


Status Flag Actions
Not Posted The parent Timecard is still being processed and has not yet been approved. No labor charges have been placed against a phase.
Posted The Timecard transaction has been approved and posted. Labor charges are placed against a phase.
Rejected This status indicates that the parent Timecard was not allowed (approved) by the Timecard approver as a valid Timecard transaction. Rejected Timecards do not create financial transactions. Rejected Timecards can be corrected and then approved.




1. Navigate to the Time and Attendance module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Time and Attendance screen and click the link to Timecard.
3. Click New to create a new Timecard entry.
4. Enter Description and NetID of shop person (you can also use the search to find). Select the Work Date (only one work date per time card – limit 24 hours of time per day).


5. Click Add to add line items.

6. On this screen do the following:


  • a. Add Timecard Line Item description.
  • b. Enter Time Type (defaults to Regular).  You have the option to change to Overtime .
  • c.  Enter Labor Class (matches Time Type) and Hours.
  • d. Search or add Work Order.
  • e. Search or add Phase (only available Phases on Work Order are allowed for Phase).
  • f. Action Taken is optional (at this time).
  • g. Click Add to add more Timecards or click Done to return to Timecard main screen.


7. Press Save to save the TimeCard entry.  




  1. System Administration:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Time and Attendance module its configuration and functionality. . The System Administration also shall assist and train functional users to use Timecard screen as well as entering labor hours on the Fire app (iPads).

2. Supervisor:

Supervisor shall review technicians labor hours and approve/reject their Timecards.

3. Technician:

Technicians shall create Timecards by entering labor hours for every work order phase on the Fire app.


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