Husky Buy Purchase


Before making a Husky Buy purchase request, make sure to have the Work Order Identifier and the Phase Identifier.

The screen shown here is taken from a technician’s queue in the AiM Fire O&M application.  It highlight one of the many places were the work order and phase identifiers can be found.

iPad Work Order and Phase location
With the Work Order Identifier and the Phase Identifier in hand, follow the standard procedure for making a HuskyBuy purchase. (***FOBS accounting office, can you please insert the link to HuskyBuy purchasing SOP?***)  
When HuskyBuy directs back to KFS, continue following standard procedures by entering the appropriate account number nice to have acct number
Also continue following standard procedures by entering the description as directed by the FOBS Accounting office Nice to have description on Purchase Request
NEW FUNCTIONALITY required in KFS Add a field or fields in KFS where the AiM Work Order Number and Phase are added to the Requistion