Changing an inspection status to REVISIT

 Standard Operating Procedures

<SOP Changing an inspection status in Fire Asset Manager>


A technician might need to change the status of an inspection to indicate a condition other than the completion of the inspection.  In this case, the technician must use the information setting on the inspection to update the status.


Inspection Statuses can be changed by locating the Inspection in the Inspection list and clicking the information link on the right end of the inspection line.


The inspection information is shown on the right.  Click the Edit link in the upper right corner to update.  
In this mode the description becomes editable and the Status field displays a right arrow a the end of the line.  Click the right arrow to access the list of available statuses.  
Click the line that reflects the status of the inspection.

Selecting CLOSED or CANCELED will remove the inspection from the inspection list in Fire AM upon saving.

Once the update has been made and confirmed back on the Inspection Information Screen select the Save link in the upper right corner.  
In order to permanently save the updates and return to the Inspection list, click the Done link in the upper right corner.  
Based on the status change that was made the inspection will either:

CURRENT – Remain in the inspection list as is

REVISIT – Remain in the inspection list with the word REVISIT prefixing the description (Inspection 1305 on the iPad shown here)

CLOSED or CANCELED – No longer appear in the Inspection list

Roles used:

  1. Technicians – When needing to mark an inspection for revisiting or when needing to cancel an inspection that was created on an incorrect room
  2. Area Managers -When it is recognized that a location was created on an incorrect room or to expedite SOPs or data clean up for the GTWs
  3. System Administrators (for revising large quantities of Inspections)