Manage Security Logs

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Manage Security Logs



The Security Log Screen is a new screen that allows viewing and clearing the security log (the same way Record Locks are searched and then cleared). This screen launches in Search mode and enables users to search by Edit Date (or date range), Screen, Action, Record (primary key(s)), Table.Column, Old Value, and New Value. Personal queries are supported on this screen, as are viewing (based on privilege), deleting (based on privilege), and exporting CSV formatted values.

A logging transaction is created each time the user inserts a new record or updates an existing record on the Users Security, Authentication, Authentication Client (Tenant 0 screen), or Role Screens. Also, logging transactions take place when a user updates the System Setup or Authentication Policy Screens.




1. Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Security Log.
3. Enter search criteria and click Execute to search for security logs.
4. The query results will display all the logs based on your search criteria. Click Delete to clear these logs.





  1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for managing security logs (search and delete) as needed.


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