Managing Purchase Requests in AiM

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Purchase Request in AiM



A Purchase Request is created whenever materials or service are required to support work for a single work order phase.  Purchase Requests are initiated within a Work Order Phase.  A Purchase Request in AIM that has been APPROVED transmits to KFS to become a Requisition.  This method of purchasing for a single work order phase is necessary when the Vendor is not a Catalog Vendor in HuskyBuy. 



1.  Navigate to the Work Management module on the main menu.  
2.  Click on Work Management and click the glass magnifier next to Work Order  
3.  Enter the Work Order number in the Work Order field and click Execute
4.  Click on the Work Order Number
5.  Click on the Phase
6.  In the Phase, select Purchase Request link on menu.
7.  The following screens autopopulated:

Work Order, Phase, Location, Status=Saved

8.  In Purchase Request Screen:

  1. Enter Description as you would in KFS Requisition Description – Do not use special characters with the exception of hyphens
  2. Enter Date Needed (same day)
  3. Requested By
  4. Deliver To

Then click ADD to add line items

9.  To enter a materials line item,  Add Line Items:  Add NonStock Part


10. Click Next


11.  Enter Description and click on the magnifying glass in the Contractor field and click Search


12.  Type in the main portion of the Contractor name in the Description filed and Click Execute.

13.  Click on Contractor Number

14.   Add Part Number

15.   Add Unit of Measure (UOM)

16.  Enter Commodity Code

17.  Enter Quantity

18.  Enter Unit Cost

19.  Click Add if additional lines

20. Click Done if all lines have been added

21. When Adding Service:  select Add Service  
22.   Add Description

23.   Select Vendor

24.   Add Total

25.   Click Add if additional items or Done if complete

26.  Click Save 

27.  To Attach Quote click on Related Documents, click Edit


28.  Select ADD


29.  Select Choose Files


30.  Select file (saved on local device)


31.  Click Next

32.  Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Type field




 33.  Select General  
34.  Click Save
35.  Click Back
36.  Click Edit
37.  Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Status Field
38.  Change Status to APPROVED and click Save to complete.
39.  The STATUS will automatically change to ENROUTE.

Click Notes Log and verify an edoc number exists which indicates a successful transmission to KFS.








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