Managing Purchase Requests

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Purchase Request



A Purchase Request is created whenever materials or service are required to support work.  As a result it is necessary to navigate to the particular work order and phase to which the work applies.  The procedures below are for creating requests initiated from HuskyBuy for such things as Blanket Orders, Service Contracts and purchases not part of work management (AiM). 

JobAid access by Shop: “JOBAID“.



A. HuskyBuy


1.Open HuskyBuy

by selecting the HuskyBuy link above.  If you are not signed into UCONN the  NETID Single Sign On will appear

enter Net ID credentials to login onto HuskyBuy page.

2. If your default page is set to Cart Management hover over the shopping cart then Shopping and select Shopping Home .

3. Shop Catalog page appears.
4. Select appropriate form and complete as required.  For procedure reference use the HuskyBuy Evolutions link and select from the offered jobaids







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