Managing Service Contract

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Service Contract


Service Contracts are KFS Purchase Orders that are Service Maintenance Agreement POs (PO Type SM) or Blanket Purchase Orders (PO Type BO). Service Contracts can be ammended unlike Purchase Orders.  In order for a cost to be applied to a Work Order the Phase must be “attached” to the Service Contract and the Work Order Phase numbers must be on the Service Contract Invoice.



1. Navigate to  the Contract Administration Module and select the Service Contract Menu.
2. Click the New button on the Service Contract screen.
3. Enter the details of the contract on the Service Contact screen:


a. Service Contract Description

b. Contractor and Search Note: if multiple address codes exists select Address Code

c. Select Start Date

d. Select Service

e. Contract Type, Status = (Open, Awarded)

f. Select Method (Bid,  Negotiated, Direct)

e. Enter Awarded Amount

4. Click Save to save the record.

Enter Services (Select Load)

Select Type, Category and Work Code

Enter Search and select Property Locations

Press Done

Press Save







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