Managing Status Update for Work Orders

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Status Update for Work Orders


Found in the Work Management module, the Status Update For Work Order Screen allows for the mass update of existing work orders to a new work order status.


  • The new status block defines the future status of the work order after the rapid status update is executed. All selected work orders with matching type and category as indicated in the new status field will be updated to this new status.


  • The category listing section displays all work orders eligible for a status change. The work order records display the work type and category. Selecting the More Detail Icon displays the work order, description, and status of the work order.


  • Select work orders to update by clicking the select all checkbox for all records, by type/category combination, or by individual work orders. Use the Refresh Icon to reset the returned search results.


  • The options block contains a feature that enables the user to close phases. If the work order status action would normally prompt for the closing of subordinate phases, the rapid status will automatically close those applicable phases.


  • The Status Update For Work Order and Phase Search Screens now has Work Order and Phase Cost search blocks.









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