Managing Zone Types & Zones

 Standard Operating Procedures

Managing Zone Types and Zones




Zone Types help organize work related to Building Services, Custodial and Area organized Skilled trades.





1. Click Zone Type under Property Module.
2. Click New to create a new zone type.
3. Enter Zone Type name and description, set active to Yes and choose Property or Location. Then, click Add to add zones.
4. Click Add and add Zone name, description and set active to Yes.


5. Click Add to add more zones and then click Save to save the new Zone Type.




  1. System Administrator:

The System Administrator is responsible for keeping the Zones up to date per the direction of the data stewards defined below. The System Administrator shall build Zone specific queries to support workflow.


2. Director or Director of Building Services and Landscape: is the data steward who defines properties within the Building Services and Custodial Zones.

3. The Director of Facilities Building Trades is the data steward who defines properties within the area specific Zones.


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