Purchase Order Invoice Adjustment

 Standard Operating Procedures

Purchase Order Invoice Adjustment


The Purchase Order Invoice Adjustment Screen allows changes to posted purchase order invoices. Items that may be adjusted are the accepted quantity and variable costs (discounts, taxes, shipping, etc.)



Select Accounts Payable

Select Purchase Order Invoice Adjustment

3. Select New

4. You will be taken to the Purchase Order Invoice Transaction Search screen.


Enter the necessary criteria to locate the Invoice that requires adjustment.


The result set of Eligible Transactions is returned.  Click the link corresponding to the Transaction that requires adjustment Result Trans
This takes you to the Purchase Order Invoice Adjustment Screen.

[TODO: FOBS do you want to define adjustment id’s]

Click the Line Item corresponding to the necessary adjustment

 Adjust lines under Adjusted as required
GEORGE – when you documented this adjustment, what is the expected result?


adjusted To Zero
The $3200 was invoiced against the wrong phase and this adjustment is intended to set the invoice amount on that phase to $0
Select Done

Select Save

Invoice has been adjusted

Work Order Cost Analysis reflects the adjustment  



  1. The System Administrator will have the ability to do manually.
  2. The Financeteam will have the ability to do manually but this is an automated interface with KFS