Rapidly Entering timecard

 Standard Operating Procedures

Rapidly Entering Timecard 



The Rapid Timecard Entry screen enters multiple Timecard records quickly in a single entry screen. A simple template loader is provided to enter additional Timecards based on a combination of work date, shop person, and work order/phase number.




1. Navigate to the Time and Attendance module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the Time and Attendance screen and click the link to Rapid Timecard Entry.
3. Enter the following information:


  • a. Work Date
  • b. Shop Person (make sure if the person is associated to multiple shops the correct shop is selected)
  • c. Labor Class (Regular time of Overtime)
  • d. Search for the Work Order and Phase time is getting applied against
  • e. Enter Start time and Stop time, the hours are calculated by the system


* Note:  For overtime you just enter the hours.  You can also enter as leave hours (optional – may not use function)


4. Click Add blue button to add this time entry.


5. Click Save to save the Rapid Timecard Entry.




1. System Administration:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and overseeing the Time and Attendance module its configuration and functionality. . The System Administration also shall assist and train functional users to use Rapid Timecard Entry screen.

2. Supervisor:

Supervisor shall create a phase Rapid Timecard Entry for a technician as needed.


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