Service Contract Invoice Approval

 Standard Operating Procedures

Service Contract Invoice Approval


Note: Approvals should be automated when received from KFS

The service contract invoice approval (or rejection) feature allows for the approval/authorization of eligible invoices. The approval may also be restricted by dollar amount.

The Service Contract Invoice Approval Screen displays relevant information for the authorized user to either approve or reject the invoice. The user clicks the more detail link to reveal data, such as dollar amount, shipping, discounts and invoice number, as well as a link to both the service contract and invoice. All invoices may be approved (or rejected) as a group using the select all feature, or approved by user-specified groupings of invoices (e.g., per contractor, per individual service contract invoice transaction, etc.).



From the AiM WorkDesk Screen:

  1. Select Accounts Payable
  2. Select Service Contract Invoice Approval
  3. Enter search criteria for specific approvals or select Execute to review all
To Review Detail select More Detail

Select records to Approve or Reject

Select records to Approve or Reject

Status screen provides results.  Press OK




  1. The System Administrator will have full authority for this functionality.
  2. The Finance team will have Approval or Rejection authority.


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