Shop Phase Manager

 Standard Operating Procedures

Maintaining Shop Phase Manager


The purpose of the screen is to manage easily the planning, scheduling, and assignment of work for a given shop without having to click through many screens. This screen also helps control backlog and phases that are stalled.


  • This screen returns phases with a status set to work queue equal to yes for the specified shop when the screen is retrieved.
  • The lines to display option determine how many records are populated in each column before paginating.
  • Phases are displayed in columnar fashion based on a series of factors to present the phases as either backlogged, still in the planning stage, still in the scheduling stage, started, and stalled (see the SHOP PHASE MANAGER SCREEN COLUMNS table for details).
  • The phase status can be changed from this screen.
  • The Shop Phase Manager modifications increase customer ease-of-use when dealing with large amounts of data by adding an increased lines to display and pagination buttons to navigate multiple page return sets.






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