SOP- Administrative – Configure Document Types

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configure Document Types SOP



The Document Type Screen defines the different types of documents the user requires access from AiM.

Document types are set up to accommodate functional groups of documents (e.g., invoices, permits, contracts, or drawings) and then the style class (i.e., General, Image, Invoice, Spreadsheet, Specification, Design, Survey, Template, Report, List, Schedule, Script, Video, Audio, Web Page, Email, Log, and Archive) is associated to the document type functional grouping.

Advantage: This screen enables users to skip unnecessary steps when uploading files to Related Documents Views throughout AiM.



The System Administrator shall configure this screen to set permissions that determines if the Permissions Screen opens and if users define attributes, the Attributes Screen is displayed during uploading. Below is a set of scenarios that control this functionality:


1. Document Type with Attributes:

a. permission_flag=’Y’ – user will skip only ‘Role’ step

b. permission_flag=’N’ – No step will be skipped


2. Document Type with NO Attributes:

a. user will skip ‘Attribute’ step

b. permission_flag=’Y’ – user will skip the ‘Attribute’ and ‘Role’ steps

c. permission_flag=’N’ – user will skip only the ‘Attribute’ step


1. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Document Types.  
2. Click New to add new document types. Enter type name and description. Set Active to Yes and determine type, style class and permissions.


3. Then, click Add to add attributes (Sequence, Name and Description)

4. Click Save to save the record.  




  1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for configuring document types.


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