SOP- Administrative – Configure Content Store

 Standard Operating Procedures

Configure Content Store SOP



The Content Store screen manages the location(s) of document repositories.


*Note: Organizations can have multiple document repositories but only one is “write-able”.




1. Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Content Store.  
3. Click New to add more documents.  
4. Enter document description, set write and type.
5. Click Add to add attributes (define the path to where the repository is located on the network).


* Note: All attributes must be classified as either string or number data type.

6. Click Save to save the record.




  1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for managing and configuring Content Store function. The System Administrator will add/remove Content (location(s) of document repositories) as needed.


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