SOP- Administrative – Manage Administrator Messages

 Standard Operating Procedures

Manage Administrator Messages SOP



The Administrator Messages channel is used to display communication messages from the application administrator to the users on their respective WorkDesks. This is a wide format channel appearing on the right side of the WorkDesk. Messages will display in this channel if the current date is between the message start and message expire dates as identified by the administrator. More than one message may appear in this channel. If groups are assigned to the administrator message detail, only users in those groups will see the message.




1. Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Administrator Messages.  
3. Click New to create new messages.  
4. Enter date range and description. If it is a PUBLIC message, click Save to post the message.

Otherwise, click Load to post this message to a specific group of users.

5. Select groups of users (if applicable) and click Done.


6. Click Save to save the record.



The message will display on users WorkDesk.





  • System Administrator: 

System Administrator is responsible for communicating important messages to end users via this channel. For instance, if there are system down times, upgrades or enhancements, the System Administrator shall post these events on this channel providing date and time information.


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