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Manage Documents SOP



The Document Profile screen adds documents to AiM and control how those documents are accessed and by whom.


Objects are the entities a repository manages. All objects have an Object Type. An object type is a classification given to an object that declares all objects of that classification to have some set of properties in common. The type structure is hierarchical so child types inherit the properties of their parent.


There are four base types: Document, Folder, Relationship, and Policy. In addition, the four base types relate to both CMIS (e.g., CMIS:Document) and AiM (e.g., AiM:Document, which is the child of the CMIS:Document object type). AiM 6.3 includes these data elements as part of the upgrade/installation, as well as the typical document types (e.g., email, CAD drawing, invoice, picture, video, etc., all of which are children of the AiM:Document object. A list of the objects automatically populated in the database are listed in the table below:


Document Type Description Type Name Parent Attributes Attributes Required (Y/N)
Unmodifiable CMIS base document type CMIS:Document
Unmodifiable AiM base document type AiM:Document CMIS:Document
Unmodifiable CMIS base folder type CMIS:Folder
Unmodifiable AiM base folder type AiM:Folder CMIS:Folder
Unmodifiable CMIS base relationship type CMIS:Relationship
Unmodifiable AiM base relationship type AiM:Relationship CMIS:Relationship
Unmodifiable CMIS base policy type CMIS:Policy
Unmodifiable AiM base policy type AiM:Policy CMIS:Policy
Uncategorized General AiM:Document
Images Images AiM:Document
Scripts Script AiM:Document script language N
AutoCAD .dwg files CAD drawing AiM:Document floor region id   floor facility id   floor property id   floor id


converted drawing document id


predecessor id

Email templates Email template AiM:Document
Birt reports Birt_report AiM:Document report idreport title                                 report description                                report roles report modules N
Url links Url_link AiM:Document
Email Email AiM:Document mail from

mail to                                  mail subject

record id

Converted CAD drawing Converted cad drawing AiM:Document floor region id                floor facility id floor property id floor id       .dwg document id N
Outbound email Outbound email AiM:Document
Customer invoice Customer invoice AiM:Document
Email attachment Email attachment AiM:Document
Attachment relationship Attachment relationship AiM:Relationship



* A ViewFinder is now on the Document Profile Screen enabling users to see all the screens where this file has been added as a related document.




1. Navigate to the System Administration module on the main menu.
2. Navigate to the System Administration screen and click the link to Document Profile.    
3. Click New to add a new document to the document profile list. Then choose the file to upload.


4. Enter document description.
5. Select document type.
6. If it is a PUBLIC document, click Save to save the record. Otherwise, click Load to add roles access this document.  


7. Click Save to save the record.  





1. System Administrator:

System Administrator is responsible for managing all documents in AiM (create, update and remove).

2. Space Manager:

Space manager is responsible for uploading and managing space documents such as .dwg files.




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